Joost van Bergen (1977), Dirk Schlebusch (1980) and Onne Walsmit (1978) met each other in 2002, when they started their master studies at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. Since then they have been working on various projects in addition to their own assignments for architecture, interiors and design. This led in 2012 to the establishment of their design studio VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX.

The trio creates interactive, interdisciplinary installations for which they carry out extensive research into innovative construction methods and techniques. They involve spectators in their work, and by doing so they create or transform the project, the environment or an event in a meaningful way.



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This week we kicked off a brand new project! Together with UNStudio, Bouwbedrijven Jongen, Metadecor and InventDesign we are working on something #unforgettable – – – – #2018 #venividimultiplex #vvm #netherlands #eindhovenarea #brabant #mesh #facade #glow #lightart #light #art #lightartcollection – Twitter @vvmultiplex http://www.facebook.com/venividimultiplex

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Checkout the #interactive #BEACHBEAST at Urbancampsite Amsterdam during UrbanCampsite x Almeerderstrand…

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Photos from VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX’s post

Yesterday was a sunny day. #BEACHBEAST originated from the sandy beach at Poortdok Almere Poort (former muiderstrand) This weekend BEACHBEAST will be a decor, meeting point for the Urban Campsite Amsterdam Come visit or camp there (14.09 – 16.09) and enjoy our sculpture with it’s #interactive #lighttrail 2.0. Weather forecast looks great!

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We’re creating our #GIANT #BEACHBEAST family at the UrbanCampsite x Almeerderstrand! Come and camp there for the weekend and enjoy our #interactive #light #sculptures!

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Please feel free to send us a message or give us a call if you have any need on information or interest for a multiplying project.