VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX consists of Joost van Bergen, Dirk Schlebusch and Onne Walsmit. They met during their years at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam where they graduated in 2008 and 2009. They’ve been working together on various projects since 2002 and have initiated VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX in 2012. In their personal professional careers they realize a wide range of architectural-, interior- and conceptual designs projects. As VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX they work on interdisciplinary interactive installations.



With our work we are involving the visitors to make or transform the installations, the sites and the events themselves. By doing so we are trying to make them more aware of what they are doing where and why, and so handing over a small message in a fun interactive way.

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YES!!! Our sawa-style-biggest-ever-tree-bench was chosen by the residents and entrepreneurs of the Kwakersplein in Amsterdam! Really looking forward building this together and watch out, it will be there soon 🙂


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Ontwerpers pitchen 7 bijzondere pop-up hotels | IBA Parkstad

VVM pitches her pop-up hotel #OERKARAVAAN #PRIMEVALCARAVAN for @IBAParkstad Limburg! http://www.iba-parkstad.nl/nl/archief/ontwerpers-pitchen-7-bijzondere-pop-hotels

Ontwerpers pitchen 7 bijzondere pop-up hotels | IBA Parkstad
iba-parkstad.nl Nieuws Ontwerpers pitchen 7 bijzondere pop-up hotels 1 juni 2016 Een mobiele hotelkamer die overal in het landschap geplaatst kan worden, zonder aansluiting op het stoom- of waternet en aansluiting zoekt met het DNA van het gebied. Dat is de opdracht die 7 ontwerpers kregen van de coöperatie Land va…

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The Uniting Lightstar

So you think it’s just another wicked wednesday!? Here’s the epic timescape aftermobie of #THEUNITINGLIGHTSTAR we made for the Amsterdam Light Festival this winter just for you! Enjoy the mesmerizing times! Audiodriven by Hot Since 82

The Uniting Lightstar
vimeo.com A timescape of The Uniting Lightstar in front of the Hermitage during the Amsterdam Light Festival 2015-2016. Another interactive installation by VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX.…

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Photos from VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX’s post

BREAKING!! Venividimultiplex is entering semi-science! So proud that our interactive bicycle #LIGHTBATTLE installation is featured in the National Geographic Magazine on sustainable design!

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Please feel free to send us a message or give us a call if you have any need on information or interest for a multiplying project.