Joost van Bergen (1977), Dirk Schlebusch (1980) and Onne Walsmit (1978) met each other in 2002, when they started their master studies at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. Since then they have been working on various projects in addition to their own assignments for architecture, interiors and design. This led in 2012 to the establishment of their design studio VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX.

The trio creates interactive, interdisciplinary installations for which they carry out extensive research into innovative construction methods and techniques. They involve spectators in their work, and by doing so they create or transform the project, the environment or an event in a meaningful way.



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Timeline Photos

And again Lightbattle is ready to travel the world. #Wheretonext….on this globe Check out all the locations our installations visited…maybe soon in your town! Direct link in our DM…http://bit.ly/2yonFlR #keepontouring – – – #2019 #venividimultiplex #vvm #lightbattle #FestivalOfLight #lightfestival #cycling #lightart #lightinstallation #lightinstallations..

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The Festival of Light in Birmingham has the honour of the 10th placement of our Lightbattle! Again placed on a beautifull location between famous architecture, this time by #futuresystems. Pedal hard Birmingham, let’s see those smiling faces and sweat covered backs. #enjoy Thanks to the original uploaders. – – – #2019 #vvm #lightbattle #UK #unitedkingdom..

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Timeline Photos

From the sandy streets of Qatar to the rainy roofs of Southhampton. Lightbattle’s bikes making miles and #miles on the Festival Of Light between the old city walls, Westquay South, Southhampton! She’s doing well @vanderleeinterieurbouw & @inventdesign Photo’s by @rmr_technics – – – #2019 #vvm #lightbattle #UK #unitedkingdom #southhamptom #westquay #FestivalOfLight..

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Last december Lightbattle moved to yet an other place on the world map for the first International Light Festival in Qatar! It was a stunning succes! In 3 days Lightbattle was exposed between some of the largest lightinstallations and visited by lots of people putting the pedal to the metal….. A small impression…many thanks to the original uploaders..

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