VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX consists of Joost van Bergen, Dirk Schlebusch and Onne Walsmit. They met during their years at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam where they graduated in 2008 and 2009. They’ve been working together on various projects since 2002 and have initiated VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX in 2012. In their personal professional careers they realize a wide range of architectural-, interior- and conceptual designs projects. As VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX they work on interdisciplinary interactive installations.



With our work we are involving the visitors at the festival to make or transform the installations, the sites and the festivals themselves. By doing so we are trying to make them more aware of what they are doing where and why, and so handing over a small message in a fun interactive way.


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We recently started collaborating with the TextielMuseums Textiellab to produce the first Rijksmuseum Masterhats. These will be starring Dutch master Jan Steen in an extraordinary technique of sealed 3D prints on full woolen knitwork. An amazingly inspiring kickoff in a brand new world!

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Come and visit the beautiful Rijksmuseum and see our Masterhat design alongside all Rijksstudio Award Winners. It’s to be found in between the 19th century art and the library. Take a left at Napoleon and get ready for your very own Masterhat!

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And there it is!

The Masterhat rides on the avalanche that floods the city of Amsterdam with tourist hats by South American origin. Instead of dressing tourists in worldwide uniform creations we let them warm up and drown in rich Dutch cultural heritage with a smile.

They show self portraits of the Rijksmuseum Dutch Masters on the back. When viewed..

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Yes yes yes and yes again!!!

Our Masterhat has been chosen as a finalist out of 820 entries for the Rijksmuseum Rijksstudio Award!

The winner will be announced april 1st and from april 17th the Masterhat will be exhibited together with all ten finalsts.

Check out the amazing Rijksstudio and we’ll keep you posted!

Finalisten Rijksstudio Award bekend – Persberichten – Pers – Rijksmuseum
www.rijksmuseum.nl Finalisten Rijksstudio Award bekend – Persberichten – Pers – Rijksmuseum

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In early morning Lightbattle was taken down into the VVM container to ship to new great places and adventures. Thanx for the overwhelming support at the Rijksmuseum and Amsterdam Light Festival. We’ll get back soon with exiting news and brand new epic work!

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Sleep well sweet Iris.
You’re in our hearts forever.

LIGHTBATTLE one IRIS \\\ Amsterdam Light Festival /// Rijksmuseum

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Please feel free to send us a message or give us a call if you have any need on information or interest for a multiplying project.