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VVM Hacksite nightjuice

Hacksite | Intro

IJburg is the newest part of Amsterdam, Build in water and in full development. For the newest Island, Beach Island, we where asked to design placemaking and get it wonderfully mapped in future inhabitants and visitors minds.

Hacksite | Concept

Come and Hack the Beach! We transformed the over-present building fences to make an early settlement of tents and make place for cultural expression. A fence is called a ‘hek’ in Dutch, pronounced as ‘hack’.

Hacksite | Result

The Hacksite consists of 88 fences, half covered with wind open mesh, creating a new landscape of fluid tents shapes. Visitors could come and take over the settlement with their own presence, activated by workshops, poetry, bakery, classes, yoga and more. During the event people also moved the tents to their own needs and with that new patterns and types of settlements where created.
The the centre Hacklight mast was erected: looking over the settlement with dynamic mystical green lighting, it turned the village into a true under the radar Hacksite. While dark to sunny skies showed off their stunning shadowplay at day.
VVM Hacksite birdseye


  • Hacksite

  • Takeover placemaking settlement


  • 2022

  • Amsterdam NL


  • Urban Campsite

  • Municipality of Amsterdam