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Beachbeast 05

Beachbeast | Intro

VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX was asked to design a unique temporary spatial landmark for the Urban Campsite Almere Strand 2018. A cultural family event to vibe-up the beach area and inspire visitors with all kinds of activities.

Beachbeast | Concept

We created a giant structure that joyful marked the event from afar. With its four paws and with that four gateways it gave acces to all of the events spots. With that it became a center on it’s own too, with children playing around and special gathering moments.

Beachbeast | Result

The framework was made of wood and strengthened with coloufull bands to express a vibrant joy shooting around. At night colored interactive lighting emphasized the feel and gave destination and direction to the visitors. The whole structure was dismantled with no trace and became circular reused after the event.


  • Mikadome Beachbeast

  • Cultural Gateway


  • 2018

  • Almere NL


  • Strandlab Almere

  • Urban Campsite