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Kwakersplein 01

Urban Sawa | Intro

The Urban Sawa started with a call from residents and the Municipality of Amsterdam. They wanted their square to become a green social magnet for all kinds of activities and visitors. A competition was held. We won.

Urban Sawa | Concept

We came up with a giant tree bench, covering the whole square in one giant gesture. And not a simple bench, but a spatial layout that connects to Indonesian Sawa’s. With terraces you can take place on, covered with an overwhelming ecosystem. A rich balanced variety of trees, grasses, flowers and herbs that shines in every season.

Urban Sawa | Result

In the giant Sawa Square, five smaller squares are designed. Each spot has it’s unique character and level of intimacy. A restaurant, coffeebar, kiosk, playground and a communal neighborhood space find their own place within a spot-on joint atmosphere. The terraces in the middle rise up to three high, creating an outdoor theatre to get together for meetups, performances and more. In between the different area’s small pathways cut trought the green are an adventurous way to get around. The Urban Sawa transformed the square into a vibrant green heart for all people of Amsterdam West.


  • Urban Sawa

  • Terraced green social space


  • 2016 – present

  • Amsterdam West Kwakersplein


  • Municipality of Amsterdam

  • Blacksmith van Rijn

  • Landscaping De Kwaadsteniet