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Uniting Lightstar | Intro

The Uniting Lightstar symbolizes universal friendship from its smallest meaning till its greatest expression.
She boosts friendships and let them grow in a wonderful mathematical universe in which we’re all connected.
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Uniting Lightstar | Concept

The dodecahedron consists out of twelve pentagonal faces, representing the universe in Plato’s word. Strongly and naturally held together, as a symbol of unity. Each face is exactly the same and equal.The corners of these faces are internally and diagonally connected with exactly one hundred strings of blue light.These represent all continuous relations and transportations between life and places.The visitors control these light relations themselves.
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Uniting Lightstar | Result

From afar, spectators see the Uniting Lightstar spectacle brightly flash, vivid and welcoming. On the street, people stand around the Uniting Lightstar and control its intensity by using the interactive activation poles. This circle is left open, inviting visitors to come and play.The stronger the circle of friends, the brighter the star will shine. In this way a beautiful experience unfolds as light is being used as a universal language to express border crossing connections, movement and friendship as a bright shining diamond.
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  • Uniting Lightstar

  • Connecting the Universe


  • 2015 – present

  • Traveling worldwide


  • Amsterdam Light Festival

  • The Lightart Collection