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Masterhat | Intro

Masterhat was designed for the Rijksstudio Award and became one of the 2015 finalists. Rijksstudio contains high quality images of the famous Rijksmuseum collection. Users are challenged to create their own masterpiece based on this historic base. For the award, the best and most interesting designs are selected.

Masterhat | Concept

In Amsterdam a lot of tourists are walking around with a nordic-style tourist hat. We decided to design a hat that was typically Dutch instead.

Masterhat | Result

The Masterhat contains a self-portrait of the Dutch Masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer on the back of a hat. With this the Dutch Masters come back to walking around in real life. Great fun that raises heritage awareness.
The concept was adopted by the Rijksmuseum Shop and the design enginered with the Dutch Textile Museum.


  • Masterhat

  • Bringing The Dutch Masters to Life


  • 2015

  • Rijksstudio Award


  • Rijksmuseum Amsterdam