Let’s make things epic / Let’s make things epic /

Lightbattle 03-

Lightbattle | Intro

Lightbattle let’s you experience dutch cultural heritage of cycling in a completely different way, enjoyed by all ages, all over the world.
Lightbattle 02-

Lightbattle | Concept

The visitors get their energy converted into an uproaring Lightbattle. Blue and red face one another, pushing their lightarches over to the other end and outplaying opponents. This social magnet attracts people from afar, battles are organized, and fun is being made by random people passing by. Anyone knows cycling, anyone can cycle. And if not: this is the perfect first place.
Lightbattle 07

Lightbattle | Result

In the immersive arches of light bicycles face each other from different sides. Visitors take place in the installation and compete with the other contestants. Based on speed wand energy, the light intensifies the colours of the arch. The strongest cycler will be rewarded with a mesmerizing flood of light. Let the battle begin!
Lightbattle 08


  • Lightbattle

  • Interactive Bicycle Installation


  • 2013 – present

  • Traveling worldwide


  • Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam Light Festival

  • Van der Lee interieurbouw

  • DHL Express