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HALO | Intro

We all strive for moments of peace and reflection. With aiming to make a a strong universal symbol that anyone everywhere could understand, we aimed for the highest, while remaining humble, emphasizing all situations she could rise in.
Halo directly refers to the sun as our greatest source of light and warmth that shapes the conditions for existence on our planet.
An actual halo is an optical phenomenon produced by light interacting with crystals in the atmosphere. On a supernatural and cultural level, the halo has a universal place in emphasizing the sacred being.


HALO | Concept

Our installation interacts with its surroundings in all these ways. Its presence will lift her visitors up for precious moments and let them universally dream of an abstract yet comprehensive experience, with a dynamic lightscape that reaches its summum when she’s fully lit.

HALO | Result

Halo consists of a 10m diameter suspended lightweight circular frame, with a hundred crossrays attached. The rays light up and calm down smoothly, naturally catching your attention. The middle void creates a full focus on the galaxy, where the suns reign. Making you feel whole, infinite and a small particle at the same time.


  • HALO

  • Levetating sunrays | A gate to the galaxy


  • 2015 – present

  • Traveling worldwide


  • Art Bergen

  • Canary Wharf Winterlights

  • The Lightart Collection